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Planner 2023 Blush Pink

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Get organised with Oh So Bello planners, carefully designed to enable you to stay on top of your daily goals and to-dos.

While it allows for total flexibility and adapts to your way of planning, it provides structure by focusing your mind on planning.


  • Full week/notes section per two page view. Calendar 12 month format: Jan 20223 – Dec 2023.
  • Hardcover made from super stong recycled card with cotton fabric.
  • Gold vinyl design on each cover
  • First page – embossed dots paper with gold foil quote
  • Gold foil monthly dividers with embossed dots
  • Light and compact.  A5 size, light enough to be on the go with you wherever you are.
  • Encourages focused organisation: organise your weekly tasks. A quick glance at the different sections tells you instantly what needs to be done and when.
  • Imagine your future and set your annual, monthly, weekly goals.
  • Take notes, brainstorm
  • A complete planner perfectly suited for busy mums, students, dreamers, do-ers, entrepreneurs and those in a corporate environment.
  • Every planner is complimentary packed in protecting bag – colour dusty pink with black logo and pink ribbon


  • Size: paper A5, cover 17x22cm
  • Weekly Edition: January 2023 – December 2023
  • Paper & Pages: white 100 gsm | 162 pages + 50 custom pages
  • First page – embossed dots paper 200 gsm with gold foil quote
  • Dividers – embossed dots paper 200 gsm with gold foil and laminated tabs
  • Weight: 668g



You can customise your cover with any title, quote, name or initials.

Type your customisation in the dedicated box/field and press the add title/add initials button and your customisation will appear on the cover.

Next choose your customisation colour: black, white, rose gold or gold.



You can add up to 50 pages of your choice to your planner.

Choose from the list ( max 3 inserts ).

Example: If you will choose 1 category you will get 50 pages

If you will choose 2 categories you will get 25  pages of each

If you will choose 3 categories you will get 17 pages of each

*You ONLY can choose up to 3 categories.

All the extra pages will be added at the end of your planner.


*All items purchased with personalisation/customisation are final sale.

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